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Bakugan Dragonoid ColossusBakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Bakugan Draganoid

Drop the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan onto Coloossus' back to unleash the fury of this Ultimate Bakugan weapon! View larger.
Automated Transformation
All components of the Bakugan Ultimate Weapon Draganoid come fully assembled and ready to go. Components include a Draganoid Colossus transformation hub, Battalix Draganoid Bakugan, four pieces of battle gear, four battle gear reference cards, and one Gate card. Made of injection-molded plastic, the Draganoid Colossus and corresponding game pieces are solidly engineered to guarantee that its transformation ability works time after time. Bright colors and surface detailing on each component enhance the look and feel of the overall collection of pieces for a fierce aesthetic that fits seamlessly into the sensational Bakugan world of gameplay and animation.
Get Ready for Battle
The automated transformation of the Draganoid Colossus is simply amazing and will captivate the imagination of any Bakugan fan. The automatic transformation of this intimidating transformation hub is activated by dropping a closed Bakugan onto its back. After this is done, the transformation hub and the three closed battle gear pieces attached to its body snap open into a ferocious battle position. The moveable, articulated parts of the Draganoid Colossus make it an engaging and inspiring toy that will add excitement to any Bakugan game.
When engaged in the Bakugan game, the included battle gear pieces may be attached to the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan according to game rules. These exclusive battle gear pieces include: Axator Gear, Beamblitzer, Nukix Gear, and Blasteroid, all of which come with their own reference cards that provide details about how to use them. Kids may also go online to enter a special code off the Battalix Draganoid to activate their character and interact with other Bakugan players. The mix of physical game play, imagination-based play, and animated media creates a whole world around Bakugan and enhances its ability to appeal to a wide variety of interests, skill levels, and ages.
What's in the Box
Draganoid Colossus transformation hub, Battalix Draganoid Bakugan, four battle gear pieces, four reference cards, one Gate card, and instruction guide.

Combine Bakugan Battle Gear To Unleash!
1Battalix Dragonoid
3Axator Gear
5Nukix Gear
6Colossus Dragon
Combine Bakugan Battle

Product Description

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