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Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Set
Set includes rip cord-powered launchers, two metal-rimmed tops, and a specialized battle arena. 
Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Arena
The battle arena's concave design facilitates action. 
Customized Tops Battle it Out
The Metal Fusion Battle Set relies on rip cord-powered launchers that propel two metal-rimmed tops into a specialized battle arena. Two tops, Lightning L-Drago and Storm Pegasus, are included in the set, and many additional Beyblade tops are sold separately. The trick to Metal Fusion is to build a five-piece top with all the qualities necessary to outlast your opponent. The set contains both a left- and right-spinning top, so you can strategize and create collisions that slow down a fast-spinning top or boost a slower one. Kids will have to use their brains to work out the combinations of spin direction, height, wheel shapes, and tip types that ensure victory.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Tops
Strategize and create collisions with these specialized tops
Concave Arena Puts You in the Center of the Conflict
The Beystadium battle arena features a concave design that naturally directs each top into the center area where contact is inevitable. The battle arena is made of plastic, and though it's designed for conflict, its lightweight material may show wear and tear with extended rough play. Several Play Options
Combatants can choose from several launch techniques to gain advantage over one another. For example, using the Sharpshooter technique, one player launches a top directly at its rival as it enters the stadium. Or using the Shield technique, players make their tops spin faster by launching them in alignment with the arena wall.
Rules of Battle help to ensure fair play, and advanced players can follow Power Spirit Rules to invoke five-second Launch Delay and the weak-hand Reverse Launch rule. With multiple play options, Metal Fusion will keep your kids engaged for hours.
What's in the Box
Metal Fusion Beystadium, two Beyblade tops, two assembly tools, two launchers, two rip cords, rule book, tournament tablet, two online code collector cards, and instructions.

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