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Iron Man Walking Rc Robot

Children ages four and up can bring the excitement of the Iron Man 2 movie home with the Real Walking Iron Man action figure. Kids will love the wrist remote that lets them march Iron Man into imaginative battle and enjoy his humorous sound effects and glowing eyes and chest. And parents will love this toy's durable design and battery-saving feature that ensure long-term play.
Hasbro Real Walking Iron Man

Use the wristwatch-style remote to make Iron Man move, talk, and fire his missiles! View larger.
Hasbro Real Walking Iron Man

Launch Iron Man's missiles from his shoulder-launchers and wrists. View larger.
A Walking, Talking Action Figure
Using a wristwatch-style remote, your child can make Real Walking Iron Man march into action. His hips, knees, ankles, and feet articulate, and by pressing and holding the walk button, your child can make Iron Man take multiple bold strides. Iron Man also rotates at the waist and can raise his arms to fire missiles from his wrists. Missiles can also be deployed from Iron Man's shoulder-launchers for added firing--and fun--options. During play, Iron Man shouts lines like, "Let's see what this suit can do." Audio effects, such as the charging sound of a high-powered machine, add to the excitement this 12-inch action figure delivers.
Keep Your Eye on the Target
Cardboard versions of War Machine, the alter ego of Iron Man, and Ivan Vanko, the Russian scientist with the electric whip, are included to enhance the fun. Your child will love using Iron Man's missiles to eliminate these notorious bad guys.
Designed for Hours of Excitement
With colors and contours modeled to match the suit in the movie, the Real Walking Iron Man will immediately capture your child's attention. This Iron Man figure is durable and robust enough for most walking excursions thanks to its impact-resistant plastic design, stable wide base, and snap-on shoulder-launchers.
Iron Man's handy sleep mode kicks in if he remains inactive for a few minutes, putting him into a partial shut-down state in order to conserve batteries. Just press his chest button to reawaken him for immediate play-time action.
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